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What is Govt. Stamping & Why Mandatory to All

The Government of India mandates all weighing machine should be certified by The Legal Metro-logy inspectors.

These Inspectors check the scale through repairer then the scale will be sealed and issue a certificate to the customer after the inspection of the weighing scale. It is repairer’s responsibility to check the scale, weather the scale is working showing proper accuracy & weight or not.

It is mandatory to all the shopkeeper  to certified your weighing machine by Legal Metro-Logy Inspectors through the repairers.

Attached is the certificate of one of our Electronic Scales wherein we will explain the meaning of various terms used on the scale and how is it useful to understand your scale better.

Certificate Number – This is a unique number that is assigned to every certificate. This number is important because after the expiry of the certificate, it is this number that will be mentioned on the new certificate which is issued to the customer .

Date of Stamping – This is the date when the Electronic scale has been sealed and stamped by the Legal Metrology Inspector.

The Stamping of the scale comes under the Legal Metrology Act under the subsection of New Goods. Hence as per the Law the manufacturers name has to be mentioned on the certificate, Next year Customer have do this process as per the Government Policy.

We recommend that the customer does not wait for the quarter end for getting his scales verified by the Legal Metrology Department. He/she should do it before the date mentioned in “12” of the above certificate.

For more information about the Legal Metrology Rules and Acts please visit the website